Steal His Look:  guy smokin that good good 

Saint Laurent Pique Polo - $350

Molami Earbuds - $150

S.T. Dupont Gold Lighter - $700 

Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers - $55

Weed - $ Priceless 

  1. Guy in my class on the topic of the school trip: Wait. There's only two beds per room? Whoa. No way. I am not sleeping with one of you. I'm not, like, gay or something. Cant we just pay for another room? Like, I'm not gay.
  2. His friend: Dude just because we're sharing a bed doesn't mean you're gonna be waking up to a fresh cup of my dick up your ass


true love is when someone le da vuelta a tu tortilla en el comal without you even asking them too